Tuesday, September 8, 2009

off to "celebrate" with an apple fritter

Well, it does seem like there was some reasonable people today but of course who the hell knows anymore. No more waxler no more kalpakian or villar or rios and they won't be missed. The new judge has a lovely face and seems very decent, human, and smart. The new prosecutor is a mystery still but the old hope...
 Hope springs infernal(my sisters's quote)

Can't wait to just write it all out and all the poems about truth and justice and persistence and family and dignity and defiance etc..

And I hope the creativity returns to sister andd she could make this all come to glorious literature. that will be the day to really await.

More good news: a lovely PD approached me and  told me that she witnessed the ex parte with Jessner and Cohen Kalpakian and Waxler and she has no problem testifying to it. And, she knows of otehrs there that would do it to. I love this person and of course wouldn't name her because who knows what would be done. They all could also testify that there were 2 C.A's against little old pro per me and that therefore the minutes are not reflecting reality once again.

Is tru tv right? Is it actuality rather than reality and so .... WTF.
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