Tuesday, September 8, 2009

YES, an apple fritter a day will keep all bad lawyers and doctors away.

3 p.m and feeling one brick off one shoulder. Still, the other brick but less heavy alltogether,obviously. The big day hasn't come yet ( my brain and soul are losing patience but so what...) but least we finally even had a small day with a little sense.

Great Great joy in the apple fritter I just had. It was tempered by the regret that I never have ordered one of these before and what I have been missing for 4 decades now. Today, I certaintly noticed the apple but so subtle -- as if a french chef was back there doing these donuts.

After much thought, I think that this apple fritter I would tell you the name of the donut shop I purchased it because I sense that their donuts are exceptional but the thought of you uncommenting readers comeing to this place en masse, and  making it impossible for me to find this fritter confection when I really need one would seems stupid and naive. A year ago, I would have so pushed this place on ya'll but things have changed and  fritterwise , you are on your own. The line between patsy and saint is thin and so for now I'll keep the name of this magical donut emporium under wraps. Sorry.

For the budget conscious: this apple fritter is HUGE. What a bang for the buck and a quarter.

for the diet consccous: HUGE and sweet and buttery and I still haven't googled the calorie count and I can't bare what it may say. I so am not sick of them yet and plan to have another tommrorow, thank you very much.

Ok, my dear silent readers, my wholly anonymous little pals, off I go to master the  law and try to better the universe in the process, hopefully.
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