Friday, September 4, 2009

Present life great for a movie-- reality not so much

just figured it out. DUH.

Concession but not what they wanted: to lock up a totally innocent person because you can't beat her down( and you never will. trust me) So though Jessner did commit that flagrant illegal ex parte with Cohen Kalpakian and Waxler she didn't ultimately give into thier sick sick request. It took me this long to totally figure this out. Wowza- the remedies available, and the stuff I know about the law that makes this so rare and so truly an awesome story. And, all those witnesses in the courtroom at the time-- I wonder if any will do the right thing when the time comes

Jennifer Waxler and Felise Cohen Kalpakian should really really rethink their priorities come Yom Kippur because what they have done is EVIL. I'm starting to see prosecutors as cold blooded bastards . Think about -- locking up people for years for drugs or

Now Villar and Rios are no longer in Division 40 and the plot is too damned thick already and so many new wrinkles that this story is ..... very very wrinkly. Rios was an interesting case -- she has a conscience, but she's been forced by some circumstances to ignore the gnawings. That's my take and it makes me want to write a post about it -- about deals with the devil etc.
And, it makes me want to wish her good luck in her new courtroom and I hope that life let's her let her kind side out more often.

My cute mother who just never had more than one beer and a few "brand alexanders"(in her life( a few meaning a few like 10 over 70 years and so today she looks at a sushi flyer and she says hot sake but not sake but hot sake -- like for pete's or god's sake, sake. I corrected her and she shrugged.
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