Friday, September 4, 2009

stick your modern identity and your mojito and your stroller up your ass

Walking to the meter in mortal fear of a ticket and so much crazed inner dialogue-- so what a ticket. Big deal. A ticket. So what. It will sink you. No it won't. Pleeeeeeeeze no ticket. No ticket. And then I thought of you blog. I thought about how incomplete 98 percent of my posts on you are. And, then I thought of that focus group and how falling in love with a guy from that focus group would not solve most of my problems because he'd probably be poor and then I thought about how describing that experience as bullshit was so .... lacking and how it was more like that focus group on liquers was a china shop and a huge bull was behaving like a bull and he was ... breaking all the china, AND he was crapping/sh*&ing the whole time. And the mess and the stench. You can imagine. Yet, only I was so unadult as to make sounds and roll my eyes and even twice say, "people, this shouldn't be taken that seriously." They seemed to not notice as the really good looking guy continued on about how alcoholic beverages are an "essential part of modern identity," and everyone but me shook their heads approvingly.

It really was so memorable, I think, because it was the exception-- good looking and well spoken types and they were bar none the worst bunch I ever experienced. It was like chinese water torture as they waterboard you, while a bull craps in corner.
My god I'm flashing back to the time "Tom" said that liquer is a "mainstay" and this look on his face as if he'd scored some huge liquer endorsement deal.

Jesus, I understand that you have many requests.... but will you please take the wheel!!!!!!!!!!
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