Wednesday, September 16, 2009

this middle aged guy is evil

A little birdie(gossiphounds!) told me that Scott Boxenbaum put this blog up on his twitter page. So I went to see this Twitter page and my lord is he the saddest lad ever.  Going off the alternative comedy scene and trying so desperately to be a part of something at 45 years old. If he was a talented comedian age wouldn't matter but he isn't and his whole shtick is I guess that he's a really messed up rich kid who never learned morals and goes on message boards baiting people into shunning people he doesn't know. I have everything he wrote because Jesus took the wheel that week and showed me how to save all of it to my harddrive and I don't paste it because it is so ugly and degrading and insane that I just don't want it on my pretty blog.

He's not an abject stranger. I did see him once right before he did that and I might have seen him around but let's be honest-- this guy isn't someone you'd remember.
. And, I did get on stage at this place Abbots Habit. Boxenbaum came by me and my sister and asked for a cigarette. We sweetly complied. Then I went up and did pretty decently(the abbots habit barrista sure thought so!) and that was the last time I was able to go up on stage becuase soon after I found out from a friend about a board called A special thing ,and I still was planning on doing comed,y but after I saw what I saw there I knew I'd have to wait to win back my ....ability... to not live under a filthy cloud of lies... and here I sit still waiting. But, the time is near.

In short blog, this Boxenbaum went on there and said such things that a 7 year old wouldn't be forgiven for. And, he lied and lied for no reason. He said that I came around comedy places and bothered people and never went up and I actually went up that night and posse of large legged Val Myer's friends were there that night as witnesses. So this shoddy little alt-comic psycho goes on there and with such luster and out of Carrie or Lord of the flies but done by a 45 year old man to a grown woman who was always popular in school etc. Trippy. Trippy. I was picked on when I was 5-7 years old but otherwise I guess I got lucky and now in my dotage a bunch of sick old children come along. It gets much worse, blog.  I didn't get into Large limbed val myers, Ponce, or wittels , pitiful babs, pitiful a special thing board freak, tom sharpe and the whole hideous confederacy.  I wish this was all a nightmare but I suspect it is not. Well, Tom sharpe doesn't really belong there because he might be more of an unwitting dupe. They all are unwitting dupes in some ways but different ways. This will make sense to them if they ever set their nasty little feet on my blog.

So, Scott Boxenbaum. We'll see, but as it stand I pity your parents. They seemed like nice people

- go around trying to help your hopeless comedy dreams by  slandering a person who met you for less than one minute to gives you a cigarrette . see how far it gets your shabby rabid ass(and assets) I only ask you to stop identifying as Jewish STAT. I heard that no one in the "alt comedy" world that you desire so( in your middle ages) showed up for your brisket. What an image: a twisted  lonely bitter creep preparing brisket and only one fellow twisted creep (Initials: J.P)drops by but this one, good or bad, is a big fresser and not much brisket goes to waste.

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