Tuesday, September 15, 2009

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Hey blog,
Got stuck in traffic. Get home and 87 hits and I promise you I am so not the type to have any agenda and so I tell you that by 12 AM I need 13 hits and that is really why i am here. I just won't wake up in a good mood if no 100. last week I got to 93 so just one time and then the pressure is off.

 I could find lots of stuff in my files to paste on to you but observations on current events could go stale by tommorow. I'm going to do in with segments (see bold)to give a sense of  a real southland newscast:

Yale murder: Poor poor guy, the fiance, not too handsome, got himself such a pretty brilliant girl and they have to find her body(hidden in a wall) on the exact day of the wedding. Stuff you only wish on your worst enemy and even then you'd pause to think of it.

They make it sound very urgent(Nancy Grace actually has“urgent breaking news on bottom of the screen!”-- as if somehow Nancy's reportage will change any course of events) that a search warrant is granted. I know now that that doesn’t necessarily mean a thing. Instead of just being appalled with the rest of the viewers about the grisly murder of such a promising woman I’m thinking, “ Search warrants my ass. I hope he’s guilty because otherwise . I hope there’s’ no corruption." I’m picturing every cop as those glamor boy   wannabes keilbasa and tallsy, and I’m forced in some way to  be concerned with the rights of a possible grisly murderer and I resent it. Oh well.
greta van sustern --interim Honduras interim leader cancelled because of the yale murder. Interim Honduran leader must be back in fox studios by tomorrow.  Hopefully interim leader will have be in a good frame of mind and see it as a NYC getaway!

Fashion: Snuggies now in style says Greta Van Sustern,

saw this week, wool winter cap on boys and uggs on girls – sweaty sweaty head and feet-- fashion is dribbling idiot.

SHOUTOUT FEATURE--One of my two whole readers has been by today. I hope I didn’t scare them off. I don’t know who you are – just that ever post results in one hit from windows NT 6.0 This in no way identifies you, as you can imagine ,so return, please.

Original thoughts?

about life:Purgatory is the space between science and poetry?

About the CASE and present self:
 I came to l.a full of classic complexity
they made me into a b movie.

I don't mean that as a self compliment "classic complexity" just rhymes with b movie to be honest and it is true that for bizzarre purposes I've spend this year as a caricuture to many non well meaning strangers.

Bad man alert: Jimmy Carter:says outburst of “you liar” is “racist”—Typical bad person hiding under liberal mask—probably projecting his own racism on others. Hates Israel, makes untrue statements, —I contend that Jimmy Carter is not a good man. But, he's aged ok.
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