Saturday, September 12, 2009

senses of humor

Out and about, blog. Errands, donut watching, a little hello, please, thanks at the local Rite aid and pavillions. A little hi there how are you, Mary, at the library.

New store the pavillions and they really just tore the old one day and built one from scratch and they managed to really make that a store I'd go out of my way for.  As many fellow WEHOEr's know that store used to be strictly for I'm too drunk to care( about the price of cigarettes) cigarettes.

Tasty donuts and donut time -- all in mini malls. Was by no means exhaustive as I might have mentioned those already.

 Didn't get a fritter yet because I need something to motivate me  to walk(keep the figure for the jury etc) and walking to the anonymous donut store(see previous post) is a nice stroll and will firm me if I do it thrice daily.

So much I wanted to tell you  as i drove or walked about this ...suburb.  But, i can't remember now what it was that struck me as so important and that sucks. Yes, I said suburb. Why? Because L.A is sub-urban- Get it? (Below urban for the ESL or just non language oriented people-- ok,  like sub-zero, sub par, subhuman, submarine etc.)

Thought particualr thoughts about love and music and humor, but those thoughts may never return. I think they were original. But, how can I be sure?  The humor  one is  now vague to me but it was something that was related to this abandoned blog I found today and how when you are kidding on the internet and you have some nuts out to get you(and that sounds nuts but its not!) so much can get twisted and how this particular thing would play to the jury is either comical or tragic -- depending on infinite factors.

It was this mildly post based on my  amusing idea about how the profilers who  by logic would be profiling me to some degree( sounds nutty but its not!) keep thinking I'm an hispanic male or an elderly african American woman and so I'm free to be ... free.  Something about that post could be miscontrued by someone who doesn't know me and who has earned my rightful wrath or someone with no sense of humor . Then, there's a post on here that I wont' even mention bacause it turrns out that I predicted the name of someone before I even knew of their unimpressive existence and the name is not even a common  one and one day this will be very funny but now if I delete it it looks as if I have mens rea or something.

 The crux of this humor though that is now a rambling mess of a blog entry is that humor is a risk worth taking. But, sometimes the risk can be something you never could have anticipated because you didn't plan or intend that kind of risk.

Something good just happened. Must go!!

Again it sounds cryptic  and I can't wait for a time where my whole life doesn't seeem so misunderstandable, but who cares I only know that the city attorney reads it( hi bozos!) and I don't love them or have anything more to them that thier insipid career aspirations. There is one sweet seeming one who delivered my motion to void to teh CA's office and I have a feeling she won't want to be a prosutor for long.  Sure, if she only goes after the guilty but it is "common knowledge" that these prosecutors are not in in for the justice fix but in the hopes that one day they can get a big and stable judges salary like the grizzled shady thing that is Judge Gerald Rosenberg of the santa monica courthouse et al.  Just read about the former C.A Rocky Delgadillo and how he wanted "power" and I can't say I can relate. Sure, I don't like being powerless at all but the price of power??? It's not a calculation  I want to ever make. Maybe, if life didn't end in certain death(and in less than a hundred years for sure) but knowing that it will end and why fight so ugly and stomp anyone if the future is so clear either way..

That opens up a can of worms that will go and have tons of worm sex and make more and more worms so I'll just stop there.

Writing a screenplay  with sis, and am fascinated by how this seems so natural to me suddenly and I never considered it before.
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