Sunday, September 13, 2009

shmucks everywhere

No offense. Seriously. Leslie needs to go! Not a genuine bone yet in her body! She is depriving the poor of money because of her deficiencies.

Kharlene Boxenbaum again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Are you aware what your repugnant son has done. Shanda, busha etc.

Scott Boxenbaum you should show up on google as a shanda till your last breath.  Unfunny, untalented tiny nasty shanda = Scott Boxenbaum.

My mother who is a major talker has only said,  "Shmucks" in relation to what is happenig on TV. When she just says one word -- worry should follow.

Mother wants me to clarify:  Chabad is not a shmuck but ... the show.... let's be honest is filled with shmuck.

Mother just said: " It looks like the yiddin have no artists."  after a bunch of no talents represented.

I love the mother: The mother is very funny.

Jon Voight back: God bless his christian soul. Angelina, give him a call!!!!!!!!!

C'mon Angelina: Let it go, embrace your papa!
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