Thursday, September 17, 2009

Something is wrong with every part of my mothers body she also has facet hypertrophy

Got a very exciting comment but  it could very well be from the grizzled weasel himself.  Past experience encourages virulent skepticism.

What a day blog-- all day in the hospital with mamer, and looking around she was the most attractive and entertaining person of the hundreds in the emergency room and then cafateria(love those cafetarias) Cafeteria's don't get enough attention. A drunk seeming lovely woman in a hospital went off on how beautiful my mother was, every feature analyzed,  and she said nice things about me and just went on about my "shape." So, with those compliments in tow I rue better for a few days.
Then back, mother not in hospital as she hated the shmucky doctor that would tend to her and with pain pills she'll manage till monday.  On way back: no significant traffic or bad experiences. Mamer is a pistol and a pill and a peice of work and so much more. She's absolutely wild, really.  Does not believe in dumb rules and will not follow them but all done very funny and that woman certainly never had run ins with the law etc.
She loves being 70 and calls herself a sickly old lady with pride( And, it's true. She is a total mess) and this seems to liberate her even further.

The day was too smooth. Immediate and close parking, Good news: My mother's agonizing pain is not from Neuropathy but from three complete  tears of her subscapularis,. marrow edama, focal protrusions, you know .    And, this is great news as it indicates that it very well might stop in the foreseeable future.The foreseeable future is a big concern nowadays.  Everything is relative is a very true truism.

Then, that comment that might be a miracle or same old same old.

I have about 4 big stories from the people I talked to today in the emergency room. It was actually very very strange and interesting, imho, and if I didn't have to go to this focus group I would tell you and now the focus group is most likely going to spur more and more stories and it will never end until I go up up up to the sky like Mr. Patrick Swayze. I thought about him a lot as I was in Cedars Sinai and in all probability saw the same sights I saw.  He seemed like a very special guy and I rooted for him like crazy for long story reason. He will always be a part of my story in some way(see previous posts about pancreas.)

I'll be back late tonight and hope to speak with you, blog. Are you okay?
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