Thursday, September 17, 2009

WTF focus groups/ Sorry SuBo, I"m done with fandom-- made me queasy

Hello blog,

Well, that was hard won dough, as they say.  Thankfully, it was just a bore because I'm just too overwhelmed with meaninful seeming shit as it was. I wrote down all the major things on a piece of paper that I will find tommorow.

It was some awful focus group with these awful little dials and no way to commune with your fellow humans(which sometimes is exhilarating and sometimes is terrible, as you know but at least it's something enlivening some of the time.)

It was about healthcare and frankly I have no idea about much of this stimulus, clunker car, deficit shit is at all.  I have no feel at all of figures and I never understood debt or taxes or anything.  By all stereotypes I should be good with making money-- but I absolutely am terrible at it and don't even like to talk or think about money. My mother really needed to have that third kid.

I have an aquaintance/ friend who is an alien from either Mars or Pluto(can't remember) and tonight I decided I'm going invite to join this blog because the perspective of such a newcomer to our culture can be very enlightening and even funny -- as this alien friend is a bit of a raconteur.
 I write him/her because Teresa  has both gonads but very small alien ones and tiny underwear covers the small male gonad enough that it just looks like a sexless alien. Anyhow, this alien aquaintance bordering on possible friend's  name is Teresa Jonathan Arxl  an she(for our purposes and because she's very feminine)  will definatelly be blogging by this weekend and I will link you the minute the site is up.

Back to healthcare focus group. Healthcarewise , I know only that my senior mother better not be messed with by that youngster president. I am a big senior lover and don't like that the older and wiser get relegated to some alternaitive lifestyle just cause their parts are in poor shape etc.

The guy sitting near me with the overly sexed up looking boots(and behaviors- short stupid story) was so passionate about fiscal issues, and I respect that . Any smartness is good, but I find this partisan stuff really a wasteful mess. This guy whose name I won't reveal( I have a very strict name policy on this blog which I will share tomorrow) was a  "conservative" and there were heavy "liberals" there and we all were being tortured for 3 hours by some fat  nasty semi famous clown (Fox news etc) who  made his fortune with  this focus group crap and I just get so weary when I hear grown adult seperating into camps based on mostly abstact nonsensical  opinions that don't truly affect them as much as they'd like to beleive. Too tired to explain, sorry.

Teresa will discuss this in depth. She will most likely focus much of her blog on  "relationships" and "romance" which I mostly avoid and which Tarra and Zack are too gay about and  so that should bring in more mainstream readers. By years end I anticipate that I will state my occupation as "blogger" and not cringe to death. I want to maintain a work and play at home lifestyle as the outdoor world seems to offer less and less with each passing year.
There is no pressing need to keep typing but I'll just finish off this line. Oh no just checked the bad one's blog and she's blogging up a storm and talking about penises again. WTF.
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