Tuesday, September 8, 2009

That hoff is sweet

Michelle's donuts had the same syle sign as Winchell's and I feel as if it was Winchell's and somebody lazy  added an  M and took away an maybe added an e at the end(can't be sure if it's winchells or winchelles at this moment)  This makes me think that there is no Michelle i on or off the premises and that if they are so lazy with this than I best not buy a donut from there.
  Too tired to know what to make of it and if it's worthy of more comment...

My mother was a wreck all week thinking that out of scary desperation they'd just get me locked up somehow but it didn't go down like that at all, thank god.  My mother just said that for so long her " heart was in her mouth."

as opposed to her throat, see.

Found out another 7 reasons for a dismissal just in between commercial breaks for Americas got talent. But, at this point a trial might do more to show it all and help the civil matters. Subpeanos and the full story.acoming

goodnight blog. You've been a real godsend.
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