Saturday, September 26, 2009

That is if you have a low to unharsh, homies

Here's some rejected pieces from Fern Mcfern's Hip hop for highbrows(January to August 2009 version)
Hip hop for highbrows(rejected portions that might not be so bad after all)

Thoreau said we live lives of quiet desperation

But desperation is now in stereo sound

If you don’t know what I’m talking about

You’re a newbie rube.

a link and two words


Our most famous poet is maya angelou

What would Dylan Thomas do?

Alchohol poisoning on pinot?

Pass me the heroin

fuck that mochachino

We need a divine DJ, yo


That would be me

Dj ice floe

Paris salons are gone

so are smoky saloons

Camus would crash his car

while listening to the music he downloaded from

I tunes

Peeps are networking on the net

Typing out fierce opinions about reality t v errs

To those they’ve never met
When Allen Ginsburg wrote Howl

He couldn’t have foreseen that

It would be not suitable for Americas got talent’s producer-

Simon Cowell

Now we got to hear about widgets and bit torrents

Whethere we be stuck in America

Or vacationing in Florence

Italy, see?

Classical Culture

clashing with this too new technology

Torrents and Florence ain’t

Good rhyming

But I can make it work

Out loud

Cause I got some good azz timing.

Still can’t get over

How the same birds and bees

Results in either a Howard Stern

Or a Euripides

All of this shit making me feel ballistic

How soon we forgot about the Greeks

When we got all monotheistic.

Now them Greeks had some Heros

But Greekwise, most of us

only know about that tzatizki shit

They put on Gyros.

I feel kind of fancy
Knowing how to prounounce that greek specialty

God love the british and they loyalty

To tea.

Who wrote that crazy shit?

I'll own it:

I’m trying to express how at least the queen and tea offer some


But maintaining tradition sure ain’t

My ambition

So, I’ll stop with matter

And hope my rhyming gets phatter.

I got me a case of the nasties

I need a friend

Someone as cool

As eclessiastes

That dude meant something entirely different

Than Jenna elfman and the major networks

When discussing the seasons

But I fear that rhyme failed

As My desire to provide ya’ll and myself some

Rhyme or reasons.

I’m starting to hate this

And I got to go and Piss…

This spell checker keeps capitalizing

The first word of each line

And I’m realizing that someone might interpret it like I think I’m all


Like Gertrude Stien.

Whatever, let them see what they want

Allz I know is that I’m DJ Ice floe and

I’m here to unharsh your low!

Modern pop psychology decrees:

take it easy, let it go, move on

then I think how punk is as dead as Ted Kennedy(s)

so lost

DJ ice floe gets all contemplative come

yom kippur

stupid ass thoughts too like

how we lost Jack Tripper!

Ya know … John Ritter
but we can we still can follow
Suzzanne Sommers on the home shopping network

And Twitter.

The ellipis up there is to signify MTOT

FYI, MTOT means my train of thought.


The profusion of acronyms feels like a virus
caught From too much Blu rays

And Miley Ass Cyrus

Whatever, I'm aight.

Allz I know is that I’m DJ Ice floe and

I’m here to unharsh your low!
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