Tuesday, September 22, 2009

TIg Notaro you are too old and evil to give yourself such unbearable nicknames, I don't know you freak.

my mother(who is objectively A-dorable) has an especially large bandaid on her shoulder.And, she is wearing a hyper sweet nightie.  There is such a thing as platonic porn, my ... fr...ie...n...d...s.

Lately, she gets all kinds of different colored bandaids and wristbands but this one is particularly inviting. I would web cam it but she is too dignified. Down the road, she will shreik, "Lisale, don't degrade me." So, I just leave the web cam(finally found it) in the closet.  It turns out that my sister only throws away plates and remotes and as my mother just added... silverware.

With the plates and silverware I figure she doesn't want to wash it but with the remotes.... I don't know. I think it was just one of those errors.

On fox news, streaming undernews text: "Capitolism"-- Someone fired for severe typo.

I personally don't think that Obama has any big agenda- socialist or not-- I just see him as a guy who is loving all this ego gratification and that's about it. Dont' sense idealogue there but I don't mind being wrong.
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