Tuesday, September 22, 2009

If my son was in these wars.... I'd be so pissed.

strange unyeilding smell from fridge-- again with the mysteries. Look for old lemons-- this time they are all very fresh.  Last time, see it was two rotten lemons. search everywhere- baking sodas (3) going -- still the stench.

Turns out-- it was some hidden and very old Gefilte Fish from some other jewish holiday too long ago to remember.

news says that war with Iraq and Afganistan still happening. WTF. You'd think that Kanye West started it from the miserable media.

Taylor Swift will with the support of the public move on ... but the legless soldiers... not so much...

jaskaniew( or what the fuck ever) Brezinski still a lame antisemite according to the news-- one a jew hater.... BORING.
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