Saturday, October 10, 2009

Allison Sievers of Lavely and singer, get the hell off my blog

Some clown comes on exclusively to look up Allison Sievers. I bet its that unethical disgusting attorney herself- the very sloppy and stupid Allison Sievers. Those adjectives can be more than proven in a court of law so Allison Siever can't ever sue. If she did, We'd welcome it tremendously.

Want out to fhis L.A already but will have to be here till all litigation is resolved and that could be years and years . Felt the strongest urge to get the hell out of here when I again got my Pizza from an Armenian rather than an Italian.  And, can't they just get water shipped from NY when they have the millions of APPS mentioned below. Is it really so hard to make a decent pizza or get kosher deli sent by plane or something.  Is there some huge tarriff on pastrami and corned beef and tap water?

bad L.A corned beef reminds me of Allison Sievers. Hire her if you want your year to be full of hollow victories and the rest of your life to look like pure crap. She truly is a dreadful lawyer who would have been disbarred by now if so much other things didn't crop up because of her and her sick client, Tig Notaro. But, there's plenty of time and all must be done according to deadlines etc. Allison Sievers is an abomination who has destroyed judges and others in her quest to show what a overzealous half retarded bull looks like.

Obama should win the daytime emmy's as well.

Soon she will be featured on my blog of wretchedness. Stay tuned.
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