Sunday, October 11, 2009

life changing takes on new meaning when it kills you- tooooooo obvious but true

 Of course this is tragic(in a very absurd way) but it does mention that Oprah gave her ok to this sweat lodge entrepeneur, and so it goes on the slowly dying blog. Tarra Slovan is going to be all over this story if she's ok by now.

I decided that blogging wasn't my destiny and that just waiting and watching to see what happens to Oprah is what Mama made me for.

who knew I'd miss labels so much. Then there's story about how this guy/false god  tweeted some scary nuttiness the night of the deaths.

Then, google tells you that this is not the first time at all-- that some grasping honkies/gringos/whiteface/dips  have dropped dead from the  errant use of spirituality. A few in 2002, some in 2005, even one in 2007.

I think it's time for the post-New age to begin! This age clearly was a bust.
Since I can't add labels look for a new blog soon where I exclusively discuss my platform for being the prez of this post new age world. I will call this  world the what a crock epoch and the name for my  new vision for this withering world?

The righteous rage age?
The yogi berra era?
the twittering masses still are yearning period?
the days of 24 news?
The prebiotic  past post modern and post historical times?

I smell a poll. Off I go to configure one!
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