Thursday, October 15, 2009

drowning in their deviance

In the age of the internet you'd think people would think twice. Apparently, the Los Angeles judicial system is so corrupt and so empowered that they think once. I always wanted one of those pinch my self moments-- where things were just too good to be true. But, now I'm in the midst of having to pinch myself because things and people are too bad. Just found out that the angel I mentioned was a sort of devil in disguise. My  broad vocabulary fails me when attempting to describe what I'm witnessing.

 I know very well that all the new threats are based on an illegal and shameful order and that they can do much now to try and hurt me but down the road they will have to answer for it. All those conformed copies and the transcripts will not go away.  Logically, they kind of have to really silence me and that's pretty frightening. But, losing to such evil is not in any way an option-- that's not grandiosity- that's just the way I was raised and how I turned out-- I'd call it self esteem and character -- and many would agree-- but they too are for that down the road oasis,  that seems farther every day.

Oh, they found the balloon kid. That is excellent! That really bummed me out. It was like a really grim children's story.

More new genre govermental corruption poetry, peeps.

Oh lord
they told me
that the pen was mightier than the sword.
Could it be it's not true
because I use a keyboard.

My oh my
Is it not wild
that my biggest accomplishment is I didn't bare a child

what a horror that would be
to know that someone
has to be here
because of me.

What a mess
when a poetess
lives to seek redress.
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