Thursday, October 15, 2009

no way out

The adorable woman on the couch really hates the sociopathic yentas from the Los Angeles City Attorney's office. She thinks they should be called Sewer attorneys rather than City Attorneys. We used to think that the prosecution were the good guys but my case will show that under Delgadillo and now Trutanich-- they are a bunch out of a Robin Cook novel. They have been doing things so sinister and so sick that it is almost impossible to relay it as it doesn't sound possible. It is apparently possible and it is happening in the impoverished bullshit state of California.  Again, an Austrian is causing great grief. What are the odds?  There are too many remedies and the thing now is to narrow them down. But, as it stands, they have no standing and they just are blindly trying to exhaust an innocent person. Exhaust is a major understatment but logic leads to the conclusion that their strategy is one of epic bad faith-- just try to lock her up, get her declared incompetent, and we can't get sued.  Logic is a huge part of my life now and I wish it didn't lead to such a dire conclusion.

They think that Dahmer, Manson, Andrea Yates et al. are declared competent and they can manage to fix it so I'm declared incompetent.  They must be clairvoyant or they must have hatched a plan to kill the three of us-- because what they are doing is so extreme and so desperate and so evil that the only remedy left to them is to kill all the witnesses.  They've forced me to sound nutty because I am fully aware how nutty this sounds. But, it is what is really happening in Los Angeles under Carmen Trutanich and I am here preparing some remedies and assuring a base of witnesses. The conformed copies of the motions filed but ignored are more than enough to show what a scandal, shanda, political tsunami is happening in case 8CA10541 in the Clara Folz( Poor Clara - if she only knew) criminal courts building.
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