Friday, October 2, 2009

the evil jerk with the hideous smirk- you'll get tossed for your conflicts of interest

Martin Boags- slithery and slimy beyond words. scared judges. I'd bet dollars to donuts that boags isn't scared of censure which would be a given if an appeals court saw this because as a son of a corrupt juge he is so connected that he can count on all judges to rule for him no matter what.A little bit of digging and he'll be removed for conflict of intersest.Jessner must be complicit if she doesn't try to dispute the minutes that don't reflect any reality.

The good news- 4 PD's told me they saw it all and will testify as it was just too much. They told me that the prosecution is just dirty and they struggle with it daily. America, do we accept that prosecutors and judges (and assorted lawyers) are railroading the innocent with your tax dollars.

They also told me that Villar and Jessner are very bad judges.

Of course again the prosecution got its wishes but this can't be sustained for long-- The PD's, us fighting it, the press might take note if the PD's go to them and they just might. California should be under a microsope-this case needs to be widely known. OJ walked for this reason. I would let him go at this point-- cops and prosecutors are given carte blanche to destory lives and they cannot be trusted.

Saw Back fat kalpakian today and I didn't get my long overdue apology from her, as per.

This Boags is funny- he is a cliche of how a bad man should look- sly creepy little smiles and eyes that scream-- I'm a sinister bastard.
Trutanich is obviousy just another lousy politcian and he really should step in because a case like this can ruin him.

I plan on coming up with the statutes precedent etc. that will show that they can't just keep dragging me around for over a year on the city's dime . I have to scan the reams of documents in - hopefully today or tommorow an rely more on the court of public opinion.

The judiciary is a mafia and I predict townhalls will be called once this is all said and done
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