Friday, October 2, 2009

This weekend I promise writs and giggles

I became so jaded by what's been happening with the unending confederacy of Dunces that I was sure the Public Defender would run off scared. But, as of now-- all of them that were there that insane day are willing to go against the judges and the prosecutors. So, this is satisfying on many levels-- most importantly--that there are decent people left and maybe after yom kippur they will become the norm again.

Wow. Kathy Griffin on CNN, and her brother was a pedophile and homeless.... No wonder she's so funny. I bet she would hate Tig Notaro and what she did to me and my family. Actually anyone but sociophaths would.

Blog, did you know that Notaro has now given rewards/incentives to two of her "witnesses," and to Kyle Dunnigan ( who battered my mother when she served a summons on that blob of evil)  and did you know that my witness ( a comedian and eyewitness) has just moved to Vienna?  How nuts is that? Vienna! The state is going to have pay a lot for airfare. They must despise Tig Notaro. They long ago know that she's a liar but they have to fight me because they've done some calculus- and figure this is the way to save more money. I submit that they are making dreadful calculations.

I wonder if Klinger, fat asshole Jacob Young,Boxenbaum, and Val Myers are not seething that Notaro hasn't curated them into her Bentzen ball.  Jazz Ponce must be hoping for at least a free ticket.  That all might pan out intersestingly when they have to answer to you know what. Definately an interesting time-- way too interesting for this tired old gal.

My label feature is broken- it tellls me I've exceeded the character lenght even when I put 1 character. I loved my label feature!
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