Sunday, October 25, 2009

I bet the evil Felise Cohen Kalpakian is at the Bentzen ball and got free passes from Tig Notaro

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I wrote my own appeal and reply brief and my viable motions are conformed and yet they still were dumb and desperate enough to use this  tactic - but it is too transparent and treasonous.  Felise Kalpakian, Jennifer Abrahams Waxler, Judge Samantha Jessner,  Martin( I unbenched my own father)Boags, Robert (my hands are tied) Vandaret and now the grotesque Bernadette Everman and the non hippocratic oath keeping Dr. Francisco Velarde and that crone who sat with him have joined the wicked web.

I bet they read about this on that website and stole it.  What disgusting monsters. All started by the lies of a crazed comedian named Tig Notaro.

I know I know.... If I wasn't an eyewitness I too would think this sounds crazy. It is as crazy as it gets.

Something is wrong with the blogger software and I can't paste large amounts of copied material but when it works- my appeal and reply brief are going up as are the minutes and the transcripts(that are slowly but surely coming in)
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