Sunday, October 25, 2009

This guy had more beefs than I

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2- It's wild how they even used "panic attacks" as a pretext in the case I linked and pasted below. In my case, they didn't even bother with pretexts.  Just speaking to a friend and she went on about how evil is out there and attracted to "law enforcement" and it is obvious and expected etc. I don't know if she really believes that but I contend that if you are a good person you just can't understand bad people and you can't stop being "naive" in relation to trusting and hoping that people have a close relationship with thier consciences.

The list has gotten so unweildy and so "nutty" but as you see(above) this guy had 52 and that is the way it can end up. Instead of enjoying the breeze outside I have to write up all kinds of federal complaints. I flash forward to Italy or France or some heavenly sounding destination that I just may end up in some future and I can't imagine having one bit of peace anywhere if I don't beat this BULLSHIT. BULLSHIT is such a weak word for judicial, police, prosecutorial, and comedianic misconduct. But, you get the idea. I know you do.

Andy rooney Droooooooning in the background. He has some good contract that one. Lifelong pass to drone for millions of dollars.

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