Monday, October 26, 2009

I hope you end up destitute, Dr Francisco Velarde, and that you get the tragicomic Bernadette Everman as your PD

Open letter to the Medical Profession:

There is a menace in your midst and his name is Dr. Francisco Velarde.  This Dr. Francisco Velarde committed the most egregious desecrations of the Hippocratic oath imaginable. According to law, all his malfeasance is ineffective and VOID. But, according to "first do no harm" he cannot remain an MD for much longer. In fact, he must and will lose his license as he doesn't understand that a sociopath like him has been exposed. He must do damage to so many people on a daily basis at the Bauchet Courthouse. He doesn't appear to be qualified to do competency hearing and in my case no such hearing was conducted in any legal way. In fact, it was a joke and he lied and there was no lawyer and he wouldn't let me have a witness. So this Charlatan is really a criminal Quack for hire or in some sense a hit man hired by Judge Samantha Jessner and the rest of that motley bunch of moronic hoods in robes.

You are so disgusting Dr. Francisco Velarde. And, who was that imposter of a crone sitting by you? I'll cross examine the hell out of her when the time comes. No one will give me her name ... Hmmm.  Get yourself a lawyer, Velarde. You kid's college fund is not looking promising.
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