Monday, October 26, 2009

My hey lets fight injustice blog is taking off but my toxic lady's tarra slovan is losing her new age religion

Dr. Francisco Velarde  should just change his name already. His name should be MUD.

Everman really is too absured to discuss further but she too should change her name to MUD

Please just add the list of over 30 names and rename them MUD.

Very best,
The pro per without precedent and an overbundance of competence AKA bitterer than a bitteroot tree(Native American Name)

P.S. mommy henya is MAGIC and she is bigger than all of you sewer sludges of judges and measly corrupt "public servants" and and and ouch ouch ouch.

P.S 2The webcam finally is making us look decent so we'll be chatting with you live soon and it is going to be FIERCE.
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