Friday, October 30, 2009

Must make a MeMe by end of year/It's finishing the book that needs to accompany the title that gets to be challenging.

It really is worse than unseemly for a middle aged farbissen women to insist others call her "Tig."

It's a name I have to repeat to Lawyers and it is a name so incongrous with the shabby old lesbo that in this instance I must refer to as she is a party. the kind of party that only servers old pretzels and warm miller lite- but a party nevertheless. Anyhow, I propose that she buy the name off Mr. T. I'm sure he could use the cash and calling her Mr. T makes a certain sense.

I certainly don't intend to insult Mr. T. I need to be more cautious about offending folks in these trying times.

I'm working on many PRoJEcTs so don't expect the profusion of postings that have marked my reign as the worlds most prolific blogger. It's not a crime to expect. In fact, it is natural. But, I'm entitled to offer caveats, don't you think?

This whole post was supposed to be about my PRoJecTS. The odd presentation of PROJECTS is not a keyboard malfunction(though I've had those) but a desire for the reader to glean some of the ambiguity and even gravitas of my proJects.

In between creative projects I must rid myself of a malicious prosecution by the City Attorney of Los Angeles but then again that too is not an uncreative project. Actually, it's taken on some downright divine dimensions. How? Well, when faced with what appears to be a long entrenched mentality.and a highly tedious and depressing bar.... that is one of my main projects... to write a book about this . As usual I have loads of titles ...
going  pro per for smarties,
The bench-my ass,
 The Dishonorable  Division 40, 
May it displease the court, 
Pathetic ethics
You belong on a Los Angeles bus Bench, Jessner!
The tarnished Tribunal
Esquires are assholes
The lies and lameness of Lavely and Singer
Prosecutorial Misconduct for Naive clowns(This has a huge potential market)
The L.A comedy obscene
Litigation and lethargy
Your oath, my ass
The hollow queens of  Santa Monica blvd

Pardon, that last one was for my e-book on west hollywood holloween. I'll leave it there as halloween is a hot keyword once the last two weeks of October and even maybe in the beggining of November if there are Holloween related murders or even particularly ghoulish murders that have nothing to do with Holloween but might as well due to thier proximity to this particularly idiotic holiday.


Off I go to put the finishing touches on my halloween 'tume ( short for costume) and something I made up and wish dearly would become a Meme. Please pass it along in virus form etc.
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