Thursday, October 1, 2009

My candidacy etc.

Out and about and the bull has been crapping something called Artisinal. I won't even google it to know exactly what it is but I see it everywhere and I wish someone would stop overfeeding that bull.

I shared my proposal with some people today and there were all for it. My proposal(Which by all means should oust Obama and inspire a grassroots movement to elect me president ect):   We have to get the genius geeks out of the computers and have them fix elevator speeds, meat and cheese slicers, pharmacy issues, massive homeless populations that live outside CVS's and the like, traumatized war vets, depleted serontonin leves, unclean pools, fruit flies etc etc etc.

These genius techno geeks can know what sml q code xmls tlc essex g and so they can get those elevators and pharmacist to speed it up. The outside world is more in need of help that blogger, reddit, stumble upon and those get upgradedd daily.

I will ban artisinal and will enforce a quota on foolishly named frozen yogurt stores as well. Any animal pampering business owner will be jailed and all Escalades will be recycled to make nice small cars for the poor.  In the coming weeks, in between  taking on the corrupt city attorney, I will share with my non chatty readers my other ideas and by years end a presidential run will be favored.

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