Thursday, October 1, 2009

primal scream post

A stupid self obsessed stranger name Tig Notaro is trying to drown me and my family for no reason.  The City attorney of Los angeles county is absolutely wicked. Trutanich must be a bad guy. If that new prosecutor snake thinks that this won't destroy his ambitions in the end he isn't very perceptive. What horrible horrible people and all this suffering because of two depraved morons- one a stranger, one i knew for three lousy months.

Life has become nightmarish. I know that would thrill the insane and vile Notaro and Willen but it's true. And, off this Tig goes making ha ha. If I want to go make ha ha I can't because that freak tarred me irreparably. Tommorow is the day of reckoning. The cloud has gotten too thick.
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