Thursday, October 1, 2009

Obama, take the wheel

Okay, readers-- you are in for a wild ride- I just got a motion in the mail from the son of this judge

and not only is it beyond untimely but it is full of lies that were witnessed by many PD's and prosecutors and now the two judges are going to have to dispute the lies this prince Martin Boags is telling without shame.

Judge Samantha Jessner never declared me anything. There's a transcript. The two uncivilized harpies, Jennifer abrahms Waxler, and Felise Cohen Kalpakian made that desperate and evil choice and they did it with a nauseating ex parte witnessed by many. It was a memorable scene - a scene that made many jaws drop. A scene that just may go down in infamy.
Why are you so scared of me being my own lawyer? It really is bizzarre. Your motion is not only crazily untimely but it is a gift-- for the malicious prosecution claim. You are now lying about what was said to the judge. I'm, of course, perplexed as to what the judge will do when lied about like that. You never asked her for anything-- you just got away with her granting your request for a continuance because you were going on vacation. I'm trying to picture you on vacation-- relaxing and doing vacation type things while conniving against  an innocent person   I hope there is no wife and kids in the picture because that makes it even scarier. I am entitled to a trial with 12 jurors for competency and two experts too, eichman.

Hey, Polanski, give me a call- we have something in common and I could use some dough.

So, now I see that I'm dealing with maniacal rodents and I'm going to start posting all the stuff that will show what a liar Tig Notaro and the others are.  I've waited long enough for common sense to come by.
I'm going to start posting all Notaro's and the other's versions, the fraudulent search warrants, the messed up minutes and the motions -- how a malicious prosecution looks and feels. I'm going to do everything to publicize this because I have a case that will show one of the reasons California is broke, What this LAPD threat management unit and Lavely and Singer are up to,  and will hopefully get these very dangerous and rotten people to leave "public service.", and show who this Tig Notaro (and her "witnesses" are. Major scanning ahead.

Prosecutor Wells on  TV. - prosecutors are liars. L.A is insane.  Obama!!!!!!!!
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