Saturday, October 24, 2009

what to make of it that athens group is not in washington yet

Jetsetted to the 99 cent store. Huge panties and thongs are back. This time the huge panties were in great colors but they were beyond big. I showed one to my sister and we both for a moment contemplated fitting into such mamoth underwear. Then, the thongs were there too and also in great colors sand designs but I simply can't understand thongs. I won't go into details as to why? Why? because I am a lady.

So funny/insane htis zemanta is now showing pics of underwear to the the right -- THEY SOMEHOW KNOW THAT THIS IS THE MAIN TOPIC OF THIS POST- HOW do they know this!!!!!!??????????

 then they say I could reblog????/ what does this mean???

Anyway, kickass crackers at the 99 cents store, peach ice tea, and  "farm fresh" sour cream. I love that store more than any store I've ever known--- by far. I only discovered about 2 years ago . I knew about it but I'd been to a dollar store in NY and it was terrible so only two years ago did  venture into this 99 cents store and since then I've done everything in my power not to buy anything that I could get there. I feel richer and fancier than I did when I actually had any  money. 99 cent foster grants,  less than a dollar charming disney underwear(a few months ago-- I especially like winnie the pooh fyi but they all are ok) Hawaiin Punch Grape diet drink!!!!!!!!!! Now, susan coman pink ribbon large chrystal light ice tea that goes for about 7 bucks in the regular stores. Their are some pleasures to poverty but still I'd like it to go away. 

Now their are pics of sour cream. This is all too Hitchhikers guide to the galaxy or jetsons and it's freaking me out. Winnie the pooh is now in the house. I wonder if I only see it. I'll find out.

Mother says the 99 cent sour cream is excellent! Now, an actual thumbs up from the kitchen.
She finally is coming around to the idea that this 99 cents store is not trying to pass off rotten expired goods. She also now realizes that in Ralphs if it says 2 for 5 dollars you don't have to buy two to pay 2:50. That takes all of us some time.

Picture of tenement now visible. Poverty, I'd guess. I am applying all the labels that zemanta has suggested.
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