Saturday, October 24, 2009

humming one day at a time sweet jesus as I mourn the murdered bear.

1)Am i missing out on Christy Lane's mega fame? Am I not aware of what a hit " one day at a time sweet jesus" is.
I mean she's no susan boyle and with that kind of advertising she should at least show up in the tabloids once in awhile. I only read the tabloid covers(supermarkets) but I sure never saw Christy lane there. I can't find a suitable housecoat for my mother and I still haven't solved the Christy Lane mystery. This day is a bust.

2) a bear with ice skates has murdered the man, who I presume,put him in the ice skates.

 --thousand dollar a day sweat ...tents and ice skating bears committing justifiable homicide.

Is it wise to take this life business one bit seriously????

I just saw a clip of this bear skating and I don't know why it is but it looked so damned sweet. I love that bear and his sweet sad little ice skates. His chunky bear legs and him gliding on the ice...He's dead now... they shot him.... because he dared stand up for his inalienable bear rights.
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