Tuesday, October 27, 2009

You mess with us and your fest is a mess, dumbass

Lavely and Singer are so wretched they even have an annoying browser - Chrome 3 WTF. Stop stalking me, Lavely and Singer! Let's not cost poor California any more money.  Lavely and Singer vs. a pro per -- and the dirty tricks and filthy games this firm has played on this pretty pro per.   Pardon me for calling myself pretty but it was more about the alliteration than vanity.

Heard today from a lawyer that Trutanich and Marty Singer are pals and eventually that will all get out. The lawyers today were cool-- in general, lawyers really are deserving of thier horrible reputation. I don't know why but it seems to attract creeps or maybe the decent once drop out early on.  All the lawyers laughed and laughed about the competency ploy-- that bitter knowing laugh. They all said this is just unheard of for a misdemeanor. They didn't even get to hear a tenth of this story. They were gasping at the madness that has been bestowed upon us.

Was told by a reliable  source that the Bentzen ball was not a success and that's good because I obviously much more than loathe that Tig Notaro sociopath pathological perjuring ingrown testicle hair of a woman.  I  find her objectively  hideous on every level and to lie about me knowing her much less stalking her is untenable and will be fought till it it is remedied. I just look to any future and no future of mine will involve the victory of human filth like Kalpakian and Waxler, Martin Boags, Allison Sievers, Scott Boxenbaum, Harris Wittels, Samantha Jessner, Dr. Francisco Velarde... there are just too many -- It is incredible.  What a stew of evil- doctors, lawyers, judges, clerks(kinda... by there silence) untalented comedians. 

To think of those judges getting paid way over 100 thousand dollars a year and stomping on others dignity and rights and... everything. They are no better than child molester-- they go and steal forever the faith and innocence of the trusting and vulnerable. At least the child molesters don't get paid for it. DIS- GUS- TING.
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