Sunday, November 1, 2009

fishy scales ...get it

More book titles:

Attack of the pubic servants: Typo or no?

You belong on a los angeles bus bench, Karlin

From showgirl to yes man, The judge karla kerlin story.

Fudged minutes were the icing on the cake

The Villars of the community- a book and a play on the word pillar.

Treason vs reason- the black robe blues

Impunity vs immunity- what's the diff?

Justice shmustice- a strange tale of  identity theft

the messed up immune system of the system in the time of swine flu

stick your gravaman and ambit up your ass, Allison.

Legalese Bolognese- A cooked book with recipes for disaster

The scales of justice smell fishy

The bailiff and the bench- an unsexy bond

The pleasures and pitfalls of your own recognizance

illegal ex partes- when the cops aren't called

do they wear thongs as they natter on about prongs- the story of a short century

from 16 year old beverly hills high antisocial loser to loser City Attorney- The Martin Boags story

Phony sidebars: The tale of the eavesdropping court reporter.
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