Saturday, December 12, 2009

The belated movie reviewer

My snack problem is slowly waning, thank god. I simply can't afford {(literally and figure-atively(ha!) } to be a fatso.
 I've developed highly hispanic cravings though in a course of a month, and suddenly I need to have all foods laced with either chili or hot sauce. There is obviously a reason but it's too odd to go into. Suffice it to say, I had a campbells chicken noodle soup yesterday with two hefty squeezes of primo 99 cents store hot sauce. WTF? My sister blamed it on my institutionalized mindset and of course I was thrilled because only she would immediately think of that and I knew she would cause that's what I was thinking and then I'd think about how I bet she'd right away think of "Institutionalized mindset,s" and she did.
  I wonder if having a sister as a mindmate/soulmate and a mother as a soulmate/somewhat mindmate is unusual. It seems from my unofficial studies that it is.

The above is not terribly interesting to anyone but myself, and still - in all probability- I will post it. Hmmm.

From now on till whenever I will be focusing this blog on "positive things" only.  Why?  looooong story. How? loooooong story. Who? -- What?

Anyhow, I took a tip from a friend and saw "Blades of Glory" on TBS yesterday and to my shocked delight I was deee-lighted. It was hilarious and really smart and satirical and funny and I can't believe how many assumptions I/we make that just turn out dead wrong.  I'd never seen a Will Ferrel movie till then(yesterday) except for ten minutes of Bewitched and I'd cursed the American Public's idiocy for making the man a multi-multi- millionaire, but after seeing that movie I say let him have it all cause he be fuuunny and shit and shit. Really funny! The writing and direction were so good that I spent my increasingly precious time googling and it was a brother team that wrote that funny funny script and it was their first script. This gave me hope that my sister team dream... still has steam.

The directors were great too and kudos to Speck and Gordon for "getting" the script and giving me and mines such laughs.
I am so out of it that I had no idea who Jon Heder is but I thought he was brilliant in it and I'm even tempted to see Napolean Dynamite  but I know that probably sucked and I try to avoid alienation at all costs. What else, blog? A lot. But, as you know, I must store much away for a less rainy day.

I see that Jon Heder is a mormon and that too goes to back to my/our assumptions gone awry situation.
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