Saturday, December 12, 2009

never appreciated the ramen noodle jokes before/Mr. Maruchen I must have been good to you in an other life.

Are blogs in vogue anymore?

In my absence have they died out altogether?

 Is mine just too fractured- should I have stuck with donuts afterall?

But, I got sick of them. That's been my M.O with all foods and most things... 3 months max and I want them out of my life. Neeext!

 Was I building a loyal and desirable demographic when I started posting pics of snacks enjoyed by only those wearing scrubs(naughty kinds)? 

How does one glean the viability of a demographic on the internet?

Should I promote this purveyor,

They were our(my homegirls from the big house)king, that's no lie. Let's just forget the missing C. It most likely is due to copyright issues.

And, who knew there was a thing like granny goose snacks?

 Much less, that the jalapeno popcorn varitey was a most excellent edition to a ramen soup?

Thank goodness, these are available from the 99 cents store or the "Street."

add this(obnoxiously overpriced at $1.75)  and pleasure sneaks into the pokey.

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