Sunday, December 27, 2009

I think thom sharpe, chris fairbanks, and kjell bjorgen need to speak up about how rought it has been on thier roommate tig notaro. The problem: They are not her roommates and two for sure never were.

This is what happens when pathological liars run amok.

Also,  allison sievers of lavely and singer is a defamation lawyer- she was hired because notaro grew increasingly insane when others wrote mean things about her on the internet. Notaro couldn't face the reality that many out there hated her and that her karma was very bad so she deluded herself into thinking that only this person was naysaying on datalounge. In fact, if she had made any effort she would see that she was very wrong.She knew that this supposed datalounge poster didn't have assets and that she was in fact just recounting the truth so she got Allison Sievers to write cease and desist letters. That didnt' work as well as they hoped and so Allison must have counseled her that she should seek revenge on the state and city's dime cuz Notaro just didn't have enough money to cough up- from her 4 and a half jokes.
Why else would a rabid and retarded pit bull like Sievers  be brought in for a restraining order, and why is the fact that Notaro claims that cops break legs of people in her audience and other outragoues lies not causing concern to the taxpayers who are now paying for Notaro's poor parenting issues. Mathilde Notaro openly declares that she is a rage filled tall taler in her barely literate blogs. Why are there so many witnesses who were there and know the truth being ignored or silenced? I just found out something that was not told me to spare my feelings and I'm hell bent now on exposing this tig notaro and what she has done to law abiding and very good people.
Why are Thom Sharpe, Chris Fairbanks, and kjell  Bjorgen repeatedly listed by Notaro as Notaro's roommates when in fact they are not and never have been. Why? Because Notaro is insane and she has cost you taxpayers so much not to mention the talent that she has  thwarted by her depravity. Not to mention... a million other things..... No one knows who Tig Notaro is despite her desire for fame and  billboards etc but she should be infamous- because she is very bad and very dangerous and she should by all rights be in jail for a long time. She has committed many crimes, and she has caused untold damage to many entities.

Boycott Lavely and Singer-- Brangelina and Tiger Woods. Or at least don't hire them. If Allison Sievers is any indication they are unscrupolous dregs
. C'mon, Angelina- you have a reputation for being a good person- Do you know what is being done by a lawyer from a  firm you pay?
And, ask for an investigation into This Mathhilde Notaro monster and how she has played the legal system and what she has done to the taxpayers etc.
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