Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Tylenol is a famewhore-

Seeing where my hits come from, like all things, is a mixed blessing. If you knew what kinds of readers this blog gets you'd understand but yesterday was at least more amusing than eerie- a hardcore pervert from Saudi Arabia ,another jeremy sisto googler, and a person from Hiroshima looking up "Saphic".
 this reader/unwitting individual from Hiroshima . And, while I have the Hiroshiman's attention(actually he ran off after one pageload of my toxic lady but whatever) I want to apologize for what America did to your hood. Normally, I might just chalk it up to war ending strategy and drastic measure ends justify the means bullshit to stanch the menace inherent in a hari kari kamikaze mentality,but now that me and the mijas see that America is not what we thought- who the hell knows what sins this big fat myth of a country has commmitted in our names. So, I apologize and hope you find my blog and stay a bit longer. Here is how my Japanese new friend's search looks.

ウェブ全体から検索 日本語のページを検索

ウェブ検索ツールを閉じる検索ツールを表示 free 動画 saphicsの検索結果 3 件中 1 - 3 件目 (0.15 秒)

検索結果E.M.D. - [ このページを訳す ]

saphics. Grattis på födelsedagen, Matte ♥. Our dearest turns 28 today :D The boys are still pretty busy with the signings and all, ... Feel free to introduce yourself to the other members, make friends, share other interests, etc. ...

community.livejournal.com/e_m_d - キャッシュsaphenous vein, accessory - definition of saphenous vein ... - [ このページを訳す ]

Information about saphenous vein, accessory in Free online English dictionary. What is saphenous vein, accessory? Meaning of saphenous vein, accessory medical term. What does saphenous vein, accessory mean?

medical-dictionary.thefreedictionary.com/saphenous+vein,+accessory - キャッシュ - 類似ページMy Toxic Lady - [ このページを訳す ]

It is the only purveyor of a full line of gluten free frozen dinners and I feel sad that somehow my body is just ...... Now, I am firmly committed to reinventing this blog as an advice column for Saphics and other progessive folks with ...

mytoxiclady.blogspot.com/ - キャッシュ - 類似ページ

Then, the perv from Saudi Arabia- could be anyone because this myth of a country sends off our citizens to help others while allowing its citizens to be at the mercy of corrupt judges, corrupt prosecutors, corrupt cops and just a too tolerated fear infused bullshit legal system. That is for the books, as they say but in the meantime what a fucking crock.
That theree ^is a whalesworth of fish to fry so I'll just show you how the person in Saudi Arabia found my blog. http://www.google.com.sa/search?hl=ar&source=hp&q= Girls Get Involved Sexy Chinese girls kissing having sex lesbians lesbian teen lesb horny cock bulge anal cum swapping homo sexy making out kiss girl hot bisexual women school idols young lady hardcore lesbian.

What a damn cover all his/her bases perv!!!! My darling little blog in his dirty little hands. I must let go and let god. My goodness what a thorough little pervert. Deep breath. The blog has a life of it's own now and at least you know that he was dissapointed.
 And, then the freak from Canoga Park is here way too often, and the more mundane Torrance and Austin viewers.

I am finding this mildly entertaining in my social anthropologist way . This social anthropologist interior persona has served me well and you can't take that away from me(lyric to my new musical, "the politics of incompetency"?" Comment section always available!

On the news: Acetimophen helps broken hearts. Studies are confirming "this"
WTF, and pass me a tylenol. I don't have a broken heart of the romantic sort- just of the all my illusions have been shattered so give me a tylenol with an advil chaser  and an alleve garnish with a motrin mixer and an asprin stick type heartbreak.

In short, buy stocks in Acetiminophen the minute you learn to spell it.

Ibuprophen, Naproxen Sodium, and Aspirin are heartbroken today. Will they stifle their hubris and pop a tylenol or will they pridefully just stew over the counter.

On the news just now: The nigerian foiled terrorist wanted to go to Stanford. And, I give a bitter little laugh that is beyond esoteric because I now know that low lifes on the supposed right side of the law often come from Stanford. Looooong story.
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