Thursday, December 31, 2009

Sharma police, arrest this man

Boker Tov Blog,

My hebrew speaking audience knows of what I speak. Another perv finding his way here-- this one from the Punjab province!!  How would a super duper uncrude girl like me attract such dirty birds?


I tell you I'm starting to get discouraged by the riff raff that reads this here blog-  I keep a log safe and sound as to what kind of element reads this prolix nonsense, and let's just say calling ....

 DELETED after the fact. SAD.
The last 2 years have shown me Tooooo much- but on the fine side: I learned that I am  not only a make lemonade from lemons type but a make lemonade from lemons and live happily just planning on the finest lemonade stand in the land, or as they'd say at the Lynwood spa and prison: I going to make  some fine ass lemonade.

I also learned( and am in good company)- that if you don't rise to the occassions that are presented you than you risk the complete shriveling of the balls that you'ze gost to put to the walls if you be worthy of living in the first place.  That might not make sense to the assorted perverts who come(no pun INTENDED!!!) upon my blog but -seriously - who cares.

I dreamt of Kitty Genovese last night and I woke up thinking about that article in the Jewish Journal that I mentioned and then i remembered that I also dreamt that I went to this synogogue where they were having a talent show and I was set to go up and some sweet nerd boy in  this dream synogogue was giving me all this support and providing me all these documents about Boxenbaum that showed how sad he was and I woke up and thought: Kitty Genovese was murdered and BETRAYED in Kew Garden Hills and there must have been many jews in that building (in fact, I know there were many)who didn't deign to call the cops when someone begged them to and so Mr. Suissa and all jews certainly shouldn't assume that Jews are leaving judaism for it's overemphasis on Ethics. WTF.

Jews in search of Jewish joinings  need to step up Ethics and stop with the latka singles functions(40 dollars at door- all the latkas and applesause you can eat!) and dreidel dating services(200 bucks per year.) not to mention the vast amounts of musuem buildings when the money is being taken by those who are living relics of those museums- you feel me, claims conference, bet zedek et al. ? Three words: Goodman and Shwerner.

that's for my essay . I risk sounding as if I have a "unsound mind" if I don't spell everything out and so I'll just put that tiny vicious little charlatan sharma out of my mind and settle for semi understanding

 Some dreams just make you activated and this dream suceeded in doing so.  Add that to the books I've taken out of the library("Crime and Punishment"," Monster- my life in the crip"s, One who flew over the cuckoos nest) and you've got a new recipe for piss and vinegar.  I've already read Crime and Punishment twice but it's so good that three times seems excellent and I read one who flew over the cuckoos nest in high school and even wrote a paper on it when I was 14 and I remember that the teacher wrote, " You seem to have a lot of knowledge about  such an esoteric subject" and I didn't know the word "esoteric" back then and so I looked it up IMMEDIATELY and couldn't quite understand what the teacher was getting at . I ended up calling this teacher bombastic because of something incredibly awful that she did in regards to another book(loooong very very interesting story) and she ended up hating me rather than loving me(as she had) but such is the life of a chronic bridge burner.

"Monster- my life in an L.A gang"  is result of my now strong curiosity after being roomates( "bunkies") with a  Crip. At first me and this lovely lady didn't get on too well as she was a neat freak and ... me...not so much... but in the end she said, " I love you, you my girl.You keep your word and you my girl."  She meant me contacting her parole officer but it didn't hurt that I also left her so many corn chips(both spicy and regular!)
I put this now ex bunky on speakerphone and it made my sister misty that this "convict"(her words, not mine) was expressing love to her yeshiva bred sister. My mother was also pleased and touched and said me and sister should go visit her as she had requested. I love my mother!

My other bunky was a more complicated story but her last words to me were " I love you Spitzberg" This after she threatened to whoop my ass because I carefronted her about stealing my Raisinets! She called me by my last name rather than "Bunky" because by then we weren't cellmates anymore (to her regret)because of her theft of my raisinets( I'd needed those like water!) and her then threat to whoop my ass because I told her that I'd gotten fed up of just too much of my food going missing.  So I was on the phone with the fam to find out about my release, and Ms and a nameless but lovely deputy, were kind enough to let me ,when I heard this declaration of love coming loud and clear from the tiny holes in the steel doors, twice. I didn't know what to say(which isn't common) and just waved weakly, soundlessly(didn't want to upset the currently kind deputy!)  at the steel door I knew her to be behind.

In other words, I be "down." No tattoos, no babies or baby daddies, no raisinets,  and I still be "down"... Shiiiiitt.
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