Tuesday, December 29, 2009

steak fries and quelled cries

now, a perv from Quatar! What moon is up there???? Are they servicemen???? Or muslims??? Either way, they are finding me by way of some ultra  NASTINESS.
So another dirty minded character in the middle east  is coming upon my blog with very specific and graphic keywords. The world has officially become way too absurd, or maybe it was always so. How absurd can it get before you just ... deflate and...???

I am growing weird muscles from holding my tongue and forcing my eyeballs to not roll non stop and I wish those muscles were connected to the buttock and thigh muscles and this self restraint was causing me lithe lower shelf.

But it is not the case and I have to do my halfhearted leg lifts here and there.

When I am simply dying to just spend the week with these:

My intimitates( a small but sexy bunch) know that this was my all time favorite "canteen" snack while illegally incarcerated by the forces of evil etc. One day, I hope to know in advance that I have 6 months to live so I can order this 48 pack without shame and eat these babies non-stop till my expiration.
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