Saturday, January 9, 2010

Bright Lights in a dim wattage world

As all three regular readers to my blog know I committed to highlighting all the great things I see in the culture for at leat the month of January.  I am deperately trying to get some niche shit going but niche shit is CHALLENGING when you are a multitasking multi asking blogophile. Whateva!

So, now we have the fine documentary "Anvil." and Peter Serafonowitz a brilliantly funny and good looking man, and then Mark Salzman and his fine book and now, Bruce Eric Kaplan, or as he is often known as BEK.

He has a new book coming out. The book that I was lucky enough to come across," Edmund and Rosemary go to hell,"was DIVINE so waiting for his next one to become available at the Los Angeles public library, is something to live for, as they say.

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