Friday, January 8, 2010


I've found a new place to blog that is sooo great that I got a sweet sweet compliment my first day by a named person so don't expect me to wax and wane on here as much.  I have become disheartened by the sporadic and anonymous posters, as they say. Whateva.

Spanking studies have led me to laugh out loud when I read a study about how " Cell Phones help Alzeihemers." Last month  cell phones caused brain cancer(maybe) and now we should clutch it closer to our ears because it might stave off dementia in our declining years. Whateva.

My new feeling about spanking is that ... it's complicated.... but simple. If your parents were sadists and spanked out of malice or spite or other creepiniesses than maybe you'll be scarred for life.  Then, I think what does being scarred for life entail anyway, and then I think if your parents did what ever they did with the best intentions you'll be okay somehow(if you stay away from cell phones.) Whateva.
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