Tuesday, January 26, 2010

I see you!

Some ip from the city of Los Angeles is back and this time they are looking for Jennifer Waxler and Martin Boags city attorney.  Strangely self interested-- these rotten apple city attorneys. Why no nasty ass Felise Kalpakian?

 I wonder if the jury will find it interesting that this vindictive bunch of life and money wasters is regularly looking to see what others are saying only about them. In the age of the internet, Waxler and Boags, should understand that they can't just display a stunning lack of candor in front of the tribunal, force  illegal ex partes, soviet era competency ploys, fixed sidebars, false imprisonment, slander and defamation-- too many crimes to name here but they will be told elsewhere.  I truly see them as very stupid and self destructive- I have the transcripts and there are witnesses. Why are they now worriedly looking up themselves? Boags seems to think that it's cute that he's such a bad man. It's not. It's really really not cute at all. Winning at all costs is for losers. Please, get off my blog... or don't.
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