Thursday, January 7, 2010

the kids today, oy vey

As I suspected, the spanking study, has really touched a nerve( No Pudenda pun intended.)

My take is only what I'm getting through cultural effluvia and that is that the kids today are nastier than the kids of the past and so I'd conclude that any estimation of whether spanking is good or not would be very silly because that's all I'm going on.

My valued reader, PDevitt, holds a very strong animus towards spanking and I'm sure she has her reasons.

Looking around, I see this mentality where children are getting elevated to some ridiculous degree and momhood and momness and momdom and mommy madness has taken over.

Suddenly, dropping a litter, is some cause celebre. I don't get it, and I think the fact that we know must fear social services coming if we get "physical" with our kids is a symtom of this weird mommy and baby stupidity.

I suspect that it could be some backlash against women- this overemphasis on our birthing capacity. Or as my homies and mijas at Lynwood would say, " Something ain't right, for real."
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