Sunday, January 3, 2010

a short and semi nonsensical manifesto of my blogs new mission and an introduction of my new acronyms

The droves aren't here yet. Hmmm. My new idea is that I plan to promote all that is great amidst the constant currents of cultural bullshit. I could name this blog Diamonds in the gruff or the no more bullshit blog or something equally lame but i try my best to not be lame so I won't and I'll just keep "swine effluvia" for now and pray for droves.

I have a much prettier sentence in me somewhere about the ever flowing waves of bullshit that knock this here surfer (and her ilk) down and there are flowery and even florid ways to express the mounting of defenses and offenses against the abyssmal injustices and idiocies that plague our modern existence- but I'm not in the mood- and I can foreseeably envision verbiage that may hasten the war on rank absurdity and inhumanity -but as of this moment- it is not accesible to me etc.

In other words:  yes, it's hard to take a bull by the horns when the bull is crapping non-stop. But, I'll try.

In short, and with sound mind, my mission: To promote good stuff that might get lost amidst the morrass. I will focus the whole of the new week of the year and decade on doing so.
First up:

So great. So Inspiring. So spiritual without being sentimental.  Go see it!
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