Saturday, January 2, 2010

video bar no longer available

To those who came by to relax at my video bar,

It has been removed due to an unnaturally long blog loading time. I've been practicing patience but you may not be "there," so why frustate cyber strangers for no reason. The video bar was drawing in riffraff anyway and the bartender turned out to be a deadbeat bent on profit skimming and unprofessional goings ons.
I'm not sure that that the video bar was the culprit but common sense forced me to remove it and hope that the snoops and snipes and dearhearts that come on by don't miss it too much, and understand the importance of quicker loading times - if and when that results. I've added a share this gadget and feel as if that will do the trick and draw the droves that i DESIRE(so as not to have to work on the outside etc)

Much to say but saying it elsewhere, as they say.

later blogs,
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