Saturday, February 6, 2010

sat lessons

There's a decent story or lesson to be learned from the page above. I'm not lame enough to brag about my SAT scores when I am 20 years past graduation. That would be lame. But, there's a lesson, see, and maybe a story: If you look closely and know anything about me,  you'll see, that those scores are 10 years after I graduated college . FYI my verbal score was 260 points lower when I got into the not too famous college I ended up graduating.  It niggled at me that verbal SAT score. I knew that it was more a result of a succession of deflating circumstances than my real "score." My father had just been diagnosed with Cancer, other post teen problems were everywhere, and I just didn't much care. So, 10 years later , and with the idea that maybe I can get a job as a tutor I took the test again. I'm a little dissapointed that I got a sentence completion wrong, but hey, c'mon, it's kind of cool how the SAT score can be so different from one time to another.
It's now another 10 years later ,and I can't score any higher-- so now I take the GRE for kicks, and I did very well, thank you very much.

But, that is a waste of time, because I can't entertain notions of being some professor.  I must focus my energies into acing the LSAT's because I'm duty bound by circumstance to be a kick ass lawyer who singlehandly rescues the legal system from itself. But, since this shitty city and that leprous tig notora have stolen all my money, tarnished my very clean name,  and  stalled my potential-- I have to figure out ways to get scholarships.

BTW, I could have done better on the math but there just wasn't much reason to.
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