Sunday, February 7, 2010

Tig Notaro is a disgusting husk of crap

I have too sift throught old files, and what I have to see over and over again. The obvious lies of Tig Notaro and the stupidity or just plain rottenness of the bogus unit  and the bizzarrrely stupid city attorney and all those lawless judges.
I bet Marty Boags and Marty Singer are making a deal. I wish they knew that this flop of a blog is a front for my real blog- the one with lots of readers. I'll wait to have thousands to millions of readers and then I'll be able to use names and words that will allow them to find it out. They are harrassers and bullies and they are liars and theives too so I can't risk losing my opportunities to reach a huge audience -- because I want them exposed big time - this time. Or, they can fess up and pay up and make up for what they've done.  I don't see any alternative.  And if they do, then they are very mistaken.

I can't even watch TV anymore. They try to portray judges and prosecutors as legit and I can't ever see it that way again.  Thank god, ugly gross Tig Notaro is easily avoided though you just know she has convinced herself she is a famous and very powerful little fellow. She has managed amazing feats with vicious and obvious lies so I guess  we need to blame the shitty entities that have rewarded her disease. Stef Willen only has to step forward and say, "Hey why are you lying about her hitting tig and all the other stuff. I'll testify to the truth."
But, she turned out to be a real psycho and so she has not done so. Now, I hear that I'm beating up Tig's family members. Hmmm. I certainly can't remember , and I'm sure they could't recall this, but good old Tig Notaro told this to an ex friend of mine who will be called as a witnesse etc.
 Notaro is the worse kind of crazy-- I've ever seen, and she should be institutionalized.
The real "people of Calfornia" will demand it, I'm sure. I bet all she'll only get Scott Boxenbaum as a visitor. I have no doubt, actually.

In the end, I can't wait for trial already. I want to own that transcript and use it to clean up the disaster they've made of my name.  It will also be kind of fun to see 12 unbiased strangers witness what I've had to witness for so long along with only my family.  I wish it started today.  But, all that exculpatory evidence still needs to be turned over...
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