Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Read this city attorney freaks

The city attorney of los angeles is tragic. Now that have meanie mouse, fraulein ford, giving me obnoxious "pleas" that make no sense. I am being stalked by two maniacs named Stef Willen and Tig notaro and they won't just admit to and they rather just continue this surreal charade.  The city attorney of Los Angeles needs to be investigated and exposed. They are truly an evil and destructive entity filled with infantile moronic maniacs. If their crimes get known the American Public will be very.... displeased.

The city attorney reads my blog all day, and it is some gross display. What a eerie bunch of DA wannabes. Is this where tax dollars go and is this why California is so broke. Could be.
The good news is that as a raving humanist I love my judge and feel a kinship with the jury. I sort of love the bailiff too and I think I'm a bit of a love machine.
The judge is darling but of course any trust or optimism in the face of that dirty Clara Folz courthouse seems sad.
I can't believe what I'm seeing and as a writerly sort it is blowing my mind. All those books I read and I'm now living it. The problem: I never committed a crime and the evidence to support that is astounding.

My lawyer sitch is complex and I won't go into it. I promised meanie mouse that her creepy and criminally obnoxious, "offer" would earn her a place in this magnificent blog and so I did. But, I left out her first name because she hasn't shown kalpakian, waxler, or boagslike evil yet. 

BTW saw old back fat felise cohen kalpakian as i walked out of the elevator. That woman has no right to be a lawyer and should really be jailed. She's a fraudster, a cruel liar, and an enemy of the people of California. I will get them all disbarred if they don't kill me off. 
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