Friday, June 4, 2010

Notaro vs. Spitzberg appeal- April 12th 2008- No police reports were ever filed thought they were available. scroll to the bottom. They all knew Tig Notaro and her witnesses were lying

What the appeal judges say, because they truly must just be corrupt. Infamy for them.

Notaro performed again at Largo on April 12, 2008. When Notaro was standing outside the club talking to the owner, she saw Spitzberg and her sister running toward her. Notaro ran inside before they could make physical contact with her. The owner did not let Spitzberg inside the club and called the police. Spitzberg and her sister went to the club's back door, where they verbally abused the owner and the doorman and yelled, "`We're going to get that fucking dyke.'" Spitzberg left the club before the police officers arrived. According to Spitzberg, Largo's owner and another man at the back door were abusive to her and her sister, and they returned their insults. Spitzberg denied screaming or using obscenities.

Griffees statement to Martin Boags, prosecutor: The following is a summary of the phone interview with the witness. The witness is the general manager for the Largo Comedy club. The witness recalls an incident in 2008, where Ms. Notaro was performing at the club. The witness recalls that Ms. Spitzberg came in, and sat at the bar while Notaro performed. The witness stated that the defendant had a beer. The comedy acts finished, and the lights came up. The witness was in the kitchen when Ms. Notaro called him over. Ms. Notaro told the witness that “ this person is bothering me.” The witness stated that the defendant had pushed her, and she wanted her removed from the club. The witness stated that Ms. Notaro was “freaked out”.


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