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Notaro vs Spitzberg Appeal- April 8th 2008. I never did anything she alleges , and admitted to nothing said here, and there never has been a shred of proof she just made it up and they took it as gospel. It's this belief - that someone was saying bad things about her that drove Notaro to abuse the legal system to achieve her goals

According to the appeals judges that Stellaa relies on for her slander and that has emboldened many assholes:

From the Unpublished opinion:
April 8th 2008
The next day, Notaro received an e-mail from Spitzberg, stating, "`I will do everything in my sustainable power to get even with you.'" Notaro was disturbed not only by the content, but because Spitzberg had obtained her e-mail address. After the e-mail, Notaro blocked Spitzberg's address from her e-mail account. Over the next several days, Notaro's Wikipedia and YouTube pages had been vandalized to include a string of personal attacks and insults. Notaro contacted the webmasters to delete the content and to lock the pages from further comments. Spitzberg denied making any threats of violence but admitted that she "created some wikipedia entries that mocked the plaintiff. She had upset me and my family for no discernible reason and I wanted . . . some relief."

The truth: The letter in it's entirety supplied to John Gregozek and Jim Hoffman in May of 2008. They ignored it as they have ignored all evidence. They were told repeatedly of all the witnesses and all the e-mails and they simply then pepetuated fake search warrants and all sorts of harrasment based only on Notaro's lies.  They failed to investigate, and they failed on every level. This threat management unit of the LAPD cost me and the tax payers so much. It was a battle: Their callow ambitions vs. are sense of self- "nope, you don't do this to us." There are many laws that prohibited from doing this and that didn't stop them at all. Notaro without an ounce of proof believed that I was someone writing about her and it drove her crazy. Rather than dealing with it or suing me if she truly believed it was me her and her Lawyer came up with an idea that should have them jailed for a long time.
I have the e-mails sent to many in law enforcment and to the City attorney over the course of these two years .  It's at the ready but would make this very very lengthy. 
They ignored it time and time again to secure their goals- a lucrative relationship with the law firm of Lavely and Singer. Security jobs for celebrities after retirement are very in demand for the Gregozeks, Dunns, Defoes, And Hoffmans of this world.
Soon, I'll post more that will show this illegal and wasteful alliance and how it led to a true travesty

again, here is Notaro's statement that was regurgitated  until the date of trial in March of 2010. e next day, Notaro received an e-mail from Spitzberg, stating, "`I will do everything in my sustainable power to get even with you.'" 

Sure, it sounds a little scary. But, gregozek and this TMU unit  had this in their possession.  Then on March 25th 2009 the city attorney for a fact- had this in their possession. Don't you think they  should have included  it by March of 2010 in the "trial Breif" ? Nobody cared. No one did the right thing.  No one had the slightest interest in what was right or wrong.  Not a one. No  exaggeration.

 APRIL 8th 2008-

From Notaro’s police Statement given to Gregozek on April 30, 2008

On April 8th R received an e-mail from Spitzberg who expressed anger over being kicked out of the club and vowed revenge.

statement from Notaros affidavit given on May 5th 2008

The next day I received an e-mail from Alisa that read “ I will do everything in my sustainable power to get even with you.”

To Martin Boags, third city attorney assigned to this case  on 12/16/09( He was kicked off shortly afterwards when the competency ploy he instigated failed)
The witness indicated that she received an e-mail which she believes came from Ms. Spitzberg’s  e-mail which included, “ I will do everything in my substantial power to get even.” The witness interpreted this as  a threat.

The actual e-mail I sent the next morning

Subject:(no subject)
Reply To:

I had absolutely no beef with you. I just didn't. Why would I? But, for you to make up a false accusation of me pushing you  and have me kicked out when i asked you if I'd heard right about that is incomprehensible. Me and my sister were told to check out the walsh brothers and she didn't want to go so I decided to see what turned out to be your show. You were excellent, and the show was great and that's that. Why would you want to lie about and hurt someone in your audience?  I never deserved or anticipated that you'd make up some lie and then have me thrown out. What a hateful thing to do to someone who just pays you a compliment  and who has nothing to do with you except for some bad fling ,over a year ago,  with your then ex girlfriend. I'll do everything in my(substantial) power to get even.

I did then think I had the mental  power to fight her lies. Never did I threaten anyone in the course of this nor did I ever use violence on anyone in my life. I saw her face that night and i knew she was a very disturbed person who had been responsible for a lot of the odd things I'd been experiencing in the "comedy world." What she said to Heidi confirmed it. But when I wrote that letter I knew I had to stop her somehow.

The police and the city attorney then excecuted 6 search warrants that dis-included all these conflicting statments by Notaro and her "witnesses," despite the fact that they knew of them and had them in their possession. The search warrants resulted in.... NOTHING. It was just harrassment for daring to not crumble when faced with such bullshit. There was no legal basis or probable cause for any of their actions. California was going broke and they kept this up.
April 29th 2008 next, and then it becomes more and more INSANE.

I will also show the transcript of the hearing to show that the appeals court judges are simply put... liars.

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