Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Mathilde Notaro vs Spitzberg appeal to common sense- lawful crossed out here and truthful will be crossed out elsewhere- city salary scandal so unsurprising to me - Who the hell is running Los Angeles?

ooops the jury got to see domestic violence when there was no prior relationship at all with the infected turd that is tig notaro and lawful is crossed out. why? becuase the prosecution knew long ago that it was an unlawful order procured by tons of fraud. later on they get truthful crossed out. They don't want the jury to have to conclude that Mathilde Notaro or her wintesses are truthful that is too high a burden. They get their wishes because after two years of hell now judicial economy becomes their.... desire. Katie Ford, Los Angeles City Attorney, is such a disgusting disgrace. You should see her "trial breif." She is  so stupid and shameless. The code situation is also ... incredible. These slithering tax payer rapists have been adding whatever they want without any consideration to the truth because all they can do to win without evidence or any truth on their side is to bias the judges and mostly it worked for them.
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Truthfullness? No they long know that this order was unlawful, and that Mathildle Notaro and any witness so far is a liar so they get that crossed off too.  The order is unlawful and I made the effort to show that but that isn't allowed now. My side begs to introduce the unlawfulness of the order , the fraud, the travesty of it all ,but nope- suddenly I need to suffer for the fact that these wicked bozos have spent thousands on a fake case. No justice, no peace, is an apt expression. 14,800 stolen outright from us, and , that is without the massive punitive damages any jury will award.  I need to blog about this crap when I could be writing lovely things that make some happy. That shlepper yenta witch, Scott boxenbaum, is free to do bad comedy and I.... not free to do so. Someone told me the other day that I won and should really try to move on. The don't know a thousandth of the detail ,so I'll let it slide... but that's like telling lance armstrong that he is getting a medal for the hackensack around the corner quickest prize when he deserves the toure de france. Lousy analogy but who has the energy or time anymore.
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